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SilverLove products are designed for girls and women who love to find beauty in the details and know how to look outstanding and use jewelry to declare themselves. The delicate and sophisticated design of the products offered speaks of perfectionism, taste and at the same time - the ability to stay true to yourself in any situation. These are made-with-love creations designed for ladies who want to express genuine style and self-esteem. Following these ideas, SilverLove is committed to providing jewelry that brings both elegance and happy vibes to women who are not afraid to stand out, to those who are aware of their own style and always know how to wink at life and bring colour and glamour to everyday life and break the routine. Our jewelry and charms will complement your look and are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. With the SilverLove line, you will capture the attention of others and will radiate happiness, self-confidence and class at any time and on any occasion. Don't forget that beautiful jewelry can always make a woman shine and help her master the art of being herself!
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Certified origin

All SilverLove silver jewelry are made of sterling silver 925, Which means it is 92,5% pure silver and 7,5% copper( which helps strenghthen and stabilize the metal), contains no nickel and heavy metals and is 100% hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, laboratory tested and state-marked. The company holds a certificate of the number, weight and titer of the checked and marked products.

Steel jewelry is made of so-called stainless (medical) steel. Medical steel does not darken, it does not cause allergies and side effects. This grade of steel is also used in surgical instruments. Surgical steel is easy to clean and resistant to corrosion.The jewelry we offer are both imported and manufactured by leading Bulgarian jewelry companies.

Our jewelry combines perfectly with everyday outfits as well as with an elegant look for special occasions.Our products are delivered in an exquisite gift box.
Silver Love Ltd. is registered under the Currency Law as a dealer of precious metals and precious stones. Certificate N6659

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