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1. Site Content / Copyright

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The use of the SITE is at the initiative, will, expense and risk and responsibility of the USER in compliance with the restrictions in the Law on Copyright, in favor of the copyright holder - Silver Love, Ltd.

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The use of any kind of software or devices for the purpose of accessing information on the SITE for mass copying / downloading of content is expressly prohibited. The USER is obliged not to use the SITE in order to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems or networks. SilverLove, Ltd. reserves the right to update (add, modify, move and delete) content or parts of it (including prices, publications, technical data, product range or other information described on or pertaining to this SITE), to correct possible errors, inaccuracies and omissions, at any time with and without notice.

2. Registration

By registering an account in our online store, you save on entering your name, phone and address every time you place an order. The USER shall ensure that the information provided during the registration process is correct, complete and accurate and, when the latter is changed, he/ she will update them in a timely manner.


The USER has the opportunity to look and order the offered goods on the SITE. The USER has the right to be informed about the status of his order.

The USER is fully responsible for the protection of his username and password, as well as for all actions performed by him or a third party by using the username and password.

The USER is obliged to pay the price of his order according to the method announced on the site.

The USER undertakes to indicate the correct and valid telephone number, delivery address and e-mail address, to pay the price of the goods, to pay the delivery costs when the latter is not free of charge and to provide access and opportunity to receive the goods.

4. Rights and Obligations of the SUPPLIER

The SUPPLIER has the right at any time, without notice to the USER to terminate his/her/ use on the site, when the latter uses the services in violation of these terms.

The SUPPLIER undertakes, upon receipt of the payment, to transfer to the USER the ownership of the goods declared for purchase by him/her/, to deliver the goods ordered for purchase within the time limit, to check the proper functioning of each item before it is sent.

The SUPPLIER shall not be liable for failure to fulfill his obligations under this contract in the event of circumstances that he did not foresee and was not obliged to foresee - including, cases of accidental events, problems on the global Internet and in the provision of services out of control of the SUPPLIER and the SITE.

The SUPPLIER shall do everything possible to maintain true, accurate and up-to-date information on the availability of the goods without excluding the possibility of incidental quantity mismatch or omissions. The SUPPLIER protects his page and its customers' personal data through encryption.